Merchandise Warehouse in Indianapolis, IN uses Inventory tracking and management by LogiView. Inventory management software from LDS.
Inventory Automation via InfoCheck or EDI
bar code scanning using 802.11 barcode protocol at Merchandise Warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana
Merchandise Warehouse has Electronic Data Interchange capabilities (EDI) for order-entry, inventory status, purchase orders, shipment confirmation, etc.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Inventory Management

Eliminates Manual Processes

Web-based Access


Shipping Management


Merchandise Warehouse utilizes InfoCheck software with RF bar code scanning to track client inventory in near real-time. Inventory tracking data is available to our clients 24 hours a day via the Internet through a web-based interface.

About InfoCheck
InfoCheck is a web-based supply chain product for inventory visibility and data messaging that enables collaboration within and across supply chains. By providing secured 24x7x365 access to supply chain data through a web interface, InfoCheck eliminates manual processes such as faxing, phone calling and emailing.

InfoCheck works with existing warehouse management systems.

Through data messaging InfoCheck communicates with all members of the chain without the requirement for traditional value added network (VAN) services and expedites and enhances all processes.

InfoCheck provides the supply chain intelligence required to make the right decisions and the option to have decisions made for you.

Warehousing & 3rd Party Providers
Utilizing InfoCheck enables the warehouse customer to view their inventory, obtain reports and even enter their own orders via the web, eliminating faxes, phone calls, and emails.

Vendors who use InfoCheck are able to view their customers’ inventory, receipts and orders allowing them to better meet customer expectations.

Shippers using InfoCheck are able to view receipt, inventory, and shipment information in a single warehouse or across multiple distribution centers.

Shipment recipients can be enabled to view the orders coming to them. Through data messaging they may also be sent an email or and ASN indicating the contents of the order, as well as the carrier tracking numbers.

Utilizing InfoCheck data messaging to enable e-commerce allows the merchant to concentrate on sales and marketing a lets InfoCheck do the logistics work. InfoCheck accepts orders via the Internet and connects directly with the warehouse or fulfillment center. When completed the order information and tracking numbers are made available in InfoCheck and can be emailed to the consignee.

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Merchandise Multi-Temp Warehouse offers distribution management using InfoCheck warehouse automation systems for web-based order entry of your warehouse inventory. Web-enabled inventory tracking and Web-enabled order entry and EDI make your online warehouse and real-time inventory tracking using RF bar code for warehouse distribution facilities in Indianapolis. Warehouse logistics and warehouse management of warehoused products creates warehouseing partnerships and Distribution Management warehousing in Indiana and storage warehousing distribution systems for supply-chain management.